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We are quite relieved and very proud.
The new hotel wing is finished, and ready to welcome its very first guests.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to our staff for their continued support and back-up! We are so very lucky to have such a wonderful team alongside us. Many thanks for everything!  

Thanks go also to the companies responsible! Just 8 months!!! An unbelievable achievement! 
From the very first day to the very last...thank you for the seamless collaboration!

Rückenbach Holzbau Sommer Architektur Berchtold Mario Spenglerei Expert Schelling, Rhomberg Elmar Bau GmbH, Berchtold Installationen GmbH Engel Installationen GmbH Mader Flatz Baustatik, Andreas Berger Energie und Haustechnikplanung, A.M.R. Lichtplanung, Kessler bewegts, Schlosserei Kalb, MB Michael Bischof, Tischlerei Josef Feuerstein. Seit 1865. Tischlerei Lenz Nenning, Schlüssel-Koch Sicherheitstechnik Fesal Sonnenschutz, Fischer Innenausbau GmbH, pfeiffer gerüstbau LängleGlas Fliesenpool Bell, Maler Klocker, C3, Spektrum Bauphysik, K&M Brandschutztechnik, Brandverhütungsstelle Vorarlberg, Schrack Seconet, KapschCASA MÖBEL, Luoga und Loosa (TV)

eXTENSION OF THE hotel krone

    • Demolition of 23 rooms, and the building of 48 new rooms
    • The entire building will be a timber construction with walls and ceilings partially visible.
    • The dimensions of the building are L 24.70 x W 15.10 x H 12.00 m excluding the ground floor; total height 16.30 m.
    • This means the new build has a gross floor area of approx. 1440 m².
    • The whole hotel incl. the cellar has a gross floor area of approx. 6350 m².
    • Total weight with snow is 769.20 tonnes.
    • Room heating is via the ventilation + underfloor heating in the bathroom.
    • Constant supply of fresh air via the ventilation unit in the loft control centre.
    • In-room air conditioning unit is above the entrance area.
    • Approx. 2750 m² of timber walls and ceilings are manufactured.
    • Construction time 8 months, planning time approx. 1.5 years

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